Wreaths - a wonderful holiday tradition - let us ship one - or more - to your home for the holidays!

Get your own beautiful, handmade, quality Fraser Fir Christmas wreaths made fresh just for you and conveniently shipped for delivery at the time you request!

Our wreaths are thick, lush and tightly clamped to prevent loose boughs.  We are located in the mountains of north western North Carolina where the Fraser Fir loves to grow and our growers take great pride in the quality of the trees that supply our tips.

Fraser Fir is known for its wonderful fragrance, its soft needles and, its ability to retain those needles for a long time after cutting.  Easy care instructions will assist in keeping your Fraser Fir Christmas wreath looking fresh for the entire holiday season.

Your wreath will be assembled on state of the art equipment, decorated to your specifications and shipped out to you within 24 hours of the Fraser Fir tips being harvested.  You’ll receive a fresh wreath in great condition that will last the whole holiday season.

Fraser Fir Wreath bows are hand-made on site.  You may select one of our standard designs, or custom design your wreath by choosing your favorite bow and decorations from our wide selection. Or, simply choose a plain wreath and then add your own decorations. 

Plain Wreath